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Washington, DC is known around the world as the nation’s capital, but few understand the District’s reputation as a media, nonprofit, and communications center for the US as well. This burgeoning reputation, as well as DC’s status as America’s center of government make it a perfect choice as a location for valuable summer internships for college students and recent graduates. Internships in DC allow for unmatched real-world experience that can’t be matched.

An internship in the nation’s capital allows interns the chance to see world-renowned architecture, experience a cultural scene that is one of the world’s best, and meet people from around the world. A Global Experiences internship in Washington, DC can help provide candidates with specialized work experience in one of the greatest cities in America and the world. Global Experiences provides specialized international internship experience to candidates interested in politics, nonprofit management, marketing, communications, law and a number of other fields for recent graduates and university students from around the world.

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Detalles del Programa

  • Tipo de Programa
    • Pasantías
  • Lugar
  • Programa para un individuo o para un grupo
  • Destacados de este programa
    • Guaranteed Custom Internship Placement
    • Global Career Readiness Program
    • Centrally Located Housing
    • Travel Support
    • On-Site Programs Team
    • Academic Credit

Lo que está incluido en la cuota del programa

  • Hospedaje
  • Soporte de Emergencia 24/7
  • Asistencia en el Proceso de Solicitud
  • Certificado de Competencias Globales
  • Soporte Contínuo
  • Orientación de Pre-Partida
  • Orientaciones durante tu experiencia en el extranjero
  • Orientación de Retorno
  • Acceso a la Red de Egresados
  • Presencia Mundial
  • Mentor AFS Individual
  • Asistencia en la solicitud de visas
  • Seguro Médico
  • Ubicación en tu Pasantía
  • Viajes de Campo
  • Tours Culturales

Los costos que NO están incluidos en la cuota del programa

  • Comidas
  • Ticket Aéreo Ida y Vuelta
  • Recogida en el Aeropuero
  • Transporte Local
  • Costos de visado y pasaporte
  • Gastos Personales
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