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Discover our Work in France program: job placement guaranty before arrival. Thanks to our 30 year-experience in international mobility and an extensive network of 500 partner employers, we offer youngsters over 18 opportunities to have a first experience working in France. They can spend between 2 months and a year in France which allows them to improve their language skills and discover the country.

Our partners entertain strong relationships with employers wishing to hire young foreign students: Work opportunities in hostels, catering or sales, All jobs are entry level jobs and accessible without special training.


  • Intermediate level in French.

Job Placement program includes:

  • Guaranteed Job placement
  • Insurance: covered by a public and legal liability to third parties insurance
  • Telephone interview before you will be accepted for the program
  • Appointments with employers in order to be hired
  • The process of applying for temporary work permit, named APT (Autorisation Provisoire de Travail)
  • Orientation meeting in our Paris office upon arrival
  • Liability/housing insurance
  • Opening of a bank account at our Bank partner office
  • Support all through the stay

Job Placement program doesn’t include:

  • Personnal health insurance (mandatory).
  • Accommodation (housing service option).
  • Personal expenses.
  • Local and international transports.
  • Visa expenses.


Detalles del Programa

  • Tipo de Programa
    • Pasantías
  • Lugar
  • Programa para un individuo o para un grupo
  • Destacados en este programa
    • Targeted and precise research depending on your interests
    • Guaranteed Job placement before arrival
    • Work permit delivered by Ministry of work
    • A liability insurance and housing

Lo que está incluido en la cuota del programa

  • Asistencia en el Proceso de Solicitud
  • Orientaciones durante tu experiencia en el extranjero
  • 70 Años de Experiencia
  • Mentor AFS Individual
  • Asistencia en la solicitud de visas

Los costos que NO están incluidos en la cuota del programa

  • Hospedaje
  • Comidas
  • Asistencia en el Proceso de Solicitud
  • Ticket Aéreo Ida y Vuelta
  • Recogida en el Aeropuero
  • Transporte Local
  • Costos de visado y pasaporte
  • Gastos Personales
  • Seguro Médico
  • Vacunas
  • Tours Culturales