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An internship in Sydney is guaranteed to be an experience unlike any other. Australia’s financial and economic center, this metropolis down under is home to a vibrant, diverse populace, eager to innovate and compete in what has become an increasingly globalized marketplace. An international internship here allows for second-to-none experience in a culture that is as unique and diverse as any place on the planet.

While indigenous people are believed to have inhabited the land that makes up modern Sydney as far back as 30,000 years ago, Sydney as we know it today is a relatively young city. In addition to a great tourism industry that caters to adventure and nature lovers, Sydney is also home to wonderful opportunities in the areas of business, real estate, arts/entertainment, banking, education, politics, and law. Furthermore, it is widely considered one of the most pleasant and livable cities in the entire world. With over 300 days of sunshine each year, iconic landmarks like the Sydney Opera House, Darling Harbor, and Luna Park, it’s easy to understand why so many fall in love with this harbour city by the sea.


Detalles del Programa

  • Tipo de Programa
    • Pasantías
  • Lugar
  • Programa para un individuo o para un grupo
  • Destacados de este programa
    • Guaranteed Custom Internship Placement
    • Global Career Readiness Program
    • Centrally Located Housing
    • Travel Support
    • On-Site Programs Team
    • Academic Credit

Lo que está incluido en la cuota del programa

  • Hospedaje
  • Soporte de Emergencia 24/7
  • Asistencia en el Proceso de Solicitud
  • Certificado de Competencias Globales
  • Soporte Contínuo
  • Orientación de Pre-Partida
  • Orientaciones durante tu experiencia en el extranjero
  • Orientación de Retorno
  • Acceso a la Red de Egresados
  • Presencia Mundial
  • Mentor AFS Individual
  • Asistencia en la solicitud de visas
  • Costos de visado y pasaporte
  • Seguro Médico
  • Ubicación en tu Pasantía
  • Viajes de Campo
  • Tours Culturales

Los costos que NO están incluidos en la cuota del programa

  • Comidas
  • Ticket Aéreo Ida y Vuelta
  • Recogida en el Aeropuero
  • Transporte Local
  • Gastos Personales